Onion Mail is free Anonymous Encrypted Email service, manage emails in the normal network and in the onion network. Encrypt email with your PGP public key.
About Us

About Us

About Us

Onion Mail is a mail provider managed by the company Onion Search Engine LLC.

Onion Mail’s goal is to protect people’s privacy and offer a secure, Anonymous Encrypted Email service.

Creating an account is free and anonymous, personal data is not required.

It is possible to use the mail service from the Tor network and using the onion link.

All mailboxes are encrypted and it is possible to encrypt messages with the PGP protocol, using your own public key.

Logins to your mailbox using two-factor authentication to further protect your privacy.

Read carefully our conditions and terms of use of our service and our privacy policy.

We provide you with a whole range of services for free to navigate safely and anonymously and we are always transparent towards you so that you can use the service without any surprises.